Everything you need to know before hiring an architect


Finding a good commercial architect for your project can be daunting in Montreal. Considering all the other deadlines, we agree it gets difficult to personally visit a few and discuss the project with them. However, finding that one professional architect can resolve all your concerns of completing a successful commercial project. A quick research on how to hire these can save you time, money, and efforts.

The signs of a good commercial designing company include professional approach, experienced staff, knowledge, and license to practice. It takes trust to handover an expensive land to build a plot. Thus, you need to be careful of who you are sharing your project details with. Stendel + Reich retail architects are one of the prime examples you can look for during your search of an architect.

Everything you must know before hiring an architect:

While hiring a commercial architect, you must spend some time on understanding their work style and profile. Visit their website to know the list of services offered by them, the type of staff hired by them, and their license to practice. Reliable and reputed firms do mention all these details on their website.

Select a few good architects before finalizing one. The more you hear from them, the easier it will be for you to filter your search and finalize one. Also check if the company you are hiring is insured. You can’t take risks and responsibilities of any mishap in the construction project.

Contact a few potential architects and meet them personally. Prepare a rough sketch of your commercial project to explain your expectations to them. Ask questions as much as you can to learn if they understand your expectations clearly.

Do not miss to discuss their service cost. Hiring an architect will involve a number of costs including the architect fee. Their fee and charges may vary depending on the other factors such as their expectations, experience, project duration and strength, and more…

Hire people from reliable sources like Stendel + Reich retail architects that have the skills to resolve all your commercial designing needs under one roof.


An architectural work involves a couple of stages from designing, to analyzing, budgeting, planning, and executing. Their design must have uniqueness, creativity, and aesthetics at the same time. Also keep in mind if they are skilled at the infrastructure of the building rather just designing a beautiful outlet.