A Closer Look into the Customs Clearance Process in the United States


If you own a business and what to expand your operation into the U. S., you must take your products through the United States Customs clearance process.  The CBP handles this process and implements rules related to import and export. Also, it collects customs duties before it allows a shipment into and out of the U. S. Because of the complexities of the process, it is often advisable for importers and exporters to hire Clearit USA customs clearance services. 

What to Expect from the Customs Clearance Process?

The process includes different steps, which can be overwhelming for new importers or exporters. These steps include the following:

  • Document inspection. During this step, the shipment documents are reviewed by a customs officer. These documents can include a commercial invoice, a buyer’s purchase order, a shipping bill, a packing list, a bill of lading, and a certificate of origin.
  • Tax and duty calculation and payment. A customs broker will determine if taxes and duties apply to a shipment, depending on the kind of goods being shipped, the declared value, and the U. S. customs laws. Customs will verify and track payments of such charges. 
  • Shipment release. After all taxes and duties are paid, customs will release the shipment, letting it move on to its final destination. 

What are Customs Brokers?

Customs brokers are agents for importers and exporters who help them with customs-related transactions. They can be private individuals or CBP-licensed firms that organize custom entries, as well as pay duties and taxes. 

Customs brokers can help you with HTS codes, prepare customs accounting paperwork, and clear shipments of imported or exported goods. They use their expertise to help products clear through customs smoothly. They optimize shipment flow across borders, minimizing the stress involved with global shipping for clients. 

When Customs Clearance is Necessary

You will secure customs clearance when you ship commercial goods internationally.  You can streamline the process if you have all the required paperwork and hire a customs broker to meet all legal requirements for you. Your broker can process duty and tax payments in advance. 

Giving complete and accurate documents to your trucking company can help you avoid delays in the clearance process. Your trucking company will coordinate with your broker and submit the documents for clearance. A reputable shipping company and a broker can help you make sure your paperwork is complete and includes accurate business information, cargo value, and inventory.