How to choose between the mobile backend as a service comparing it with the custom backend?


Talking about the Mobile backend as a service provider which allows using of the backend that is stored in the cloud its backend has all the functionality that another application has like cloud storage, push notification, analytics, etc. The MBaaS is so attractive whether from its price or the quality that it will save up your time. As it has many of its advantages and also a few of the disadvantages which we need to discuss a little.

Talking about its advantages the first advantage of using the backend as a service is;

  1. Businesses that are in urgent need to have software approach appreciate the BaaS as how it comes as a great working solution. It is a ready backend, it doesn’t require any procedure to follow all you need to do is connect it with the frontend and your app is ready to go live.
  2. The Second advantage of using it is the price saving and time-saving factors that this BaaS provides you, as it comes in one of the low-cost applications as compared to the custom backend. That’s the reason why most startups and organization looks for a reliable Mobile Backend as a service provider.
  3. Working with the backend doesn’t require high knowledge and skills as you need not think about integration and hosting with the third party service. You get a solution with everything ready in it, you need not put your extra efforts into it. And in addition, this solution provides you with the support in case you or your developers are not user friendly to have server maintenance.

Now coming to the disadvantages of using it than the first disadvantage is;

  1. Low flexibility because of its nature, as if a developer wants to add some new functionality then this doesn’t support it.
  2. Security concern is also one of the reasons why people get off from using this, as they have some confidential information that is needed to provide security over it.

Like this, there are many more disadvantages of MbaaS but at the same time, many service providers claim to provide the best security, and reliability from their side.