Be Aware of the Average Shipping Cost of Your Car Per Mile


Whenever you plan to relocate then you will look for a mover company to transport all your baggage, however, movers will not transport your vehicle. Therefore, you need to look for a car shipping service to move the car if you are interested to move a much longer distance.

Ship A Car, Inc. is one of the prominent car shipping service providers available and has been in this business for a pretty long time. You can take the service of this company to ship your own car too.

However, while transporting your car, you will be interested to know what price per mile you need to pay for the service. Let us discuss this in this post so that you can make your informed decision.

Factors that can influence your shipping cost

The following are a few different factors that can always influence the shipping cost that you must be aware of if you are interested to save some price on shipping your car:

  • The seasons of the year when you decide to transport your car
  • Your size and weight of the car
  • The model and make of your car
  • How much distance to be covered
  • What route you will prefer
  • Whether you want an open transport service or enclosed transport service?
  • Whether presently your car is in running condition?
  • Whether you prefer to get delivered at your address or you will pick from the depot of the transporter
  • Whether you decide on urgent service or a normal schedule
  • Whether you prefer additional insurance cover
  • Any other additional services that you may demand

The cost of shipping a car/mile

What is going to be your average cost per mile of shipping any car using a certain car shipping company? You will find that the more distances you go with auto shipping firms, the less expensive per mile your vehicle is sent.

This is due to the fact that the vehicle will be traveling a greater distance than the car carrier. As a result, a larger vehicle with more space provided for cars will be available, sharing the expenses of more kilometers.

With a vehicle shipping business, the more miles will you go, the less cost per mile you pay. It is a sliding scale, as you will notice. It is worth noting that the expenses per mile listed above are for conventional cars that are ready to drive. The cost of shipping will increase as the size and weight of the item increase.

The cost of shipping an automobile 100-200 miles is going to be $2.00 per mile in 2022. The cost of shipping 200-300 miles is usually $1.50 per mile. In case you are traveling above 500 miles, such as from any one state to other, you should expect to pay around $0.90/mile.

These are the costs of car shipment. The carriers set the average car shipment costs directly. Any auto transport businesses that promise lower pricing than these estimations should be avoided as they may be a fraud.

We hope with the above information, you can easily negotiate the price for transporting your car to your desired location.